Partner Violence  

Child Abuse


Elder Abuse


HMNS 1130


Course Information

Course Description:

The course is designed as an overview that introduces the student to current research on the topic of interpersonal violence. Developmental approaches to interpersonal violence as well as psychological and sociological theories will be explored. A systems perspective will look at both victim and perpetrator profiles in the areas of child abuse and neglect, elder abuse, and partner abuse. Prevention strategies will be discussed as well as international policies on family violence.  The course material will be presented via the World Wide WEB.  Students will be required to read posted assignments and participate in class discussions over a course bulletin board. 

Course Location:   On Line (no formal classroom time required)

Instructor Information

Name:  Professor William J. Pellicio, LICSW, LCDP


Office Location:  Knight Campus, Room 3260

Office Hours:  By arrangement

Phone:  401-825-1125

Instructor Background:  Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, Providence College; Masters Degree in Social Work, Rhode Island College; Currently working on Ph.D. Boston College.

Professor Pellicio has had extensive experience working with both victims and offenders in interpersonal violence and has provided social work interventions in  immediate crisis situations (hospital emergency rooms), transitional settings (domestic violence shelters) and on-going counseling with victims and offenders as well as providing court mandated programs for interpersonal violence offenders.