Interviewing Skills

Interviewing Skills

William J. Pellicio, LICSW, LCDP


Course Information
Course title Interviewing Skills
Course number HMNS 2200
Course description This course is designed to assist the student to develop and practice the skills necessary to conduct a human services interview. The content of the course will cover interviewing skills and techniques and specific types of interviews.
Instructor Information
Name William J. Pellicio, LICSW, LCDP
Office location Knight Campus, Room 3260
Office hours Monday and Wednesday, 9AM -10Am and 12PM-2PM; Friday 4PM-6PM
Phone 825-1125
Required reading Basic Interviewing Skills: A Workbook for Practitioners, Chang, V. & Scott, S., Nelson Hall Publishers, 1999
Required reading Where to Start and What to Ask, Lukas, Susan, W. Norton & Company, 1993
Course Goals and Objectives
Course Goals 1. To identify, understand, and begin practicing interviewing skills 2. To understand how interviewers explore clients' problems and gather relevant information 3. To understand the goals of interviewing and gathering data 4. To formulate an assessment from interview data, including the capacity to identify and understand the impact of race, gender, ethnic origin, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, disability and other factors of difference on the assessment and social intervention process 5. To understand how values affect the interviewing and recording process by assessing our own personal and professional values 6. To develop skills in professional documentation, including writing assessments 7. To become familiar with the use of technology in human service practice
Course Requirements
Introduction Detailed instructions for each of the course requirements will be made available on the course WEB site. Since the course involves skills based learning, attendance at all classes is required. Students are expected to adhere to the ethical standards of conduct found in the National Association of Social Workers Code of Ethics. Any students with special learning needs should inform the instructor
Requirements 1. Attendance and participation are required (20%) 2. Four video-tapes evaluated by instructor and peers using the evaluation form provided by the instructor (10% each. Total of 40%) 3. A research interview report (10%) 4. Process Recordings (10%) 5. Final Assessment (20%)


Interviewing Skills

Course Syllabus





Week One

Course Overview


Chang & Scott, Part I

Lucas, Chapter 1

Week Two

What is Professional Interviewing?

Process Recording

NASW Code of Ethics

Ethical Standards for Human Services Professionals

Week Three

Values and Ethics

Chang & Scott, Part II

Lucas, Chapter 2

Week Four

Basic Interpersonal Skills

Special Needs and Special Populations


Lucas, Chapter 6

Week Five

The Beginning Phase

Establishing a Professional Relationship

Role Play #1

Chang & Scott, Part III


Week Six

Attending Behaviors

Active Listening

Lucas, Chapter 4

Week Seven

Exploring Process

Asking Questions

Lucas, Chapter 5

Role Play #2

Week Eight

Reflecting Content and Feelings

Paraphrasing and summarizing

Lucas, Chapter 7
Week Nine

Formulating a Tentative Assessment

Role Play #3

Week Ten

The Work Phase

Targeting Issues

Chang & Scott, Part IV

Week Eleven


Lucas, Chapter 13


Week Twelve

Thanksgiving Recess. No Class!


Week Thirteen

Initiating Endings and Transitions

Role Play # 4

Week Fourteen

Writing Assessment Reports

Final Project Due

Week Fifteen

Last Class

Course Review and Evaluations