Field education is an integral part of the academic preparation for students interested in the associates degree program with a concentration in social work and/or gerontology (activities certificate). The seminar is designed to integrate the practice experience a student has in the field with academic knowledge and theories of practice. It is also designed to provide a professional forum within which the student, agency supervisor, and field instructor evaluate the strengths and areas of growth which a student brings to the practice situation.

Course Objectives

  1. To provide an opportunity to work in agencies which provide social work/gerontology services to clients.
  2. To integrate theory with practice in the field.
  3. To gain increasing experience in working with clients in the human service field.
  4. To increase self-awareness of one’s strengths and areas for growth as a human services professional.

Course Requirements

  1. Ninety hours of field experience in an approved agency per semester.
  2. Attendance and participation at all scheduled seminars.
  3. A written contract signed by student, agency supervisor, and field instructor, outlining the student’s specific learning goals and the agency’s responsibilities in assisting the student to meet those goals.
  4. Submission and discussion of a minimum of 3 process recordings.
  5. Class presentation (on field agency services and required skills).
  6. Attendance at a minimum of 1 professional development seminar.
  7. To maintain a weekly time sheet to be signed by the agency supervisor and submitted to the field instructor.
  8. To participate in an evaluation with the agency supervisor and field instructor.
  9. Behavior in accordance with the NASW Code of Ethics, in the field, in all classroom settings, and in personal situations, as required by the Code.
  10. Behavior in accordance with the policies and regulations required by the field agency.






  • Concise learning goals

  • Signed by Agency Supervisor, Student, & Field Instructor


Process Recordings

  • Minimum of three discussed in class


Professional Development



  • Minimum of 1 seminar/training

  • Certificate of attendance

  • Class discussion



Class Presentation


  • Presentation of field experience and necessary skills to class

  • Appropriate information and preparation



Completion of hours


  • Submission of time sheet signed by Agency Supervisor



Evaluation (Agency)


  • Completed evaluation by Agency Supervisor

  • Behaviors indicate continued professional growth and development

  • Evaluation indicates performance at an acceptable level of functioning


Evaluation (Self)

  • A self-evaluation of your own work


Attendance and Participation

  • Attendance at all class seminars

  • Appropriate preparation and participation in class exercises and discussion


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