Information About Transfer of CCRI Courses

It is very important to plan your program of studies carefully.  Although most CCRI courses transfer to  other colleges as free electives, these free electives may NOT meet the transfer college's or program requirements for graduation.  It will be important for you to coordinate program requirements for graduation at CCRI and requirements at the college you are transferring to.  In addition, be aware that some programs of professional study are regulated by national bodies that determine course content and minimal credentials of faculty.   An example of this is the Council on Social Work Education that accredits schools providing  baccalaureate and masters level social work degrees. 

Be sure that your academic and career planning is on target.  Otherwise you could find yourself unnecessarily repeating courses or adding anywhere from one semester to a whole academic year or more to your studies.  As you plan your courses it is helpful to seek advice from ALL of the following sources:

1.  CCRI Advising and Counseling:  CCRI advisors can best inform you about requirements for graduation from CCRI and what courses and programs of study are best for transfer.

2.  Department Advisors:  Be sure to talk over your plans with a faculty member from the Department if you have declared a major.  The faculty member can advise you on specific courses that transfer as requirements and how to best meet your career and academic goals.

3.  Transferring Institution:  Be sure to get the most up-to-date information from the school you intend to transfer to.  If you know you will be going into a particular program, call the program and ask to speak with someone about transferring.  A faculty member in the department should be able to give you a good contact  with someone  in the transfer institution.

4.  Consult the Transfer Guide of the Rhode Island Board of Governors of Higher Education. In addition to providing information on what courses transfer to URI and RIC, the transfer guide provides a helpful Transfer Planning Worksheet to help you with transfer planning.  The CCRI Transfer Information Page also contains helpful information and links related to transfer plans.

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