Course Offering in Philanthropic Foundations

Rhode Island Campus Compact is seeking prospective undergraduate students to participate in the second year of an innovative inter-campus course on the study and practice of philanthropy.

The Philanthropic Foundations course, successfully piloted during the 2004-2005 academic year, is a rigorous study of philanthropy with a specific focus on Rhode Island based philanthropic practice.  Students and faculty from colleges throughout the state will foster a breadth and depth of knowledge unavailable at any one school alone.  The course will cover critical community issues and develop a multi-level understanding of philanthropy from the inside out.


The course began as a group independent study project at Brown University in the spring of 2002. Its success led Rhode Island Campus Compact and the Rhode Island Foundation to expand the course to include colleges throughout the state. Through an intensive planning process, faculty from seven Rhode Island Colleges, together with Rhode Island Campus Compact and Rhode Island Foundation staff, jointly crafted the syllabus and developed the year long courseŚnow available to students across Rhode Island. To date, it is the only course in Rhode Island providing an opportunity for students from a variety of institutions to learn together, and one of the only undergraduate courses in the nation to study the philanthropic process.


The course is co-taught by Professors Sandra Enos of Rhode Island College and Ann Dill of Brown University. It is jointly administered by Rhode Island Campus Compact and the Rhode Island Foundation. The course meets once a month at the Rhode Island Foundation in downtown Providence during the academic year and has five components:

1) A monthly seminar with equal parts lecture and discussion.

2) Assigned readings available on line, to be completed before the monthly session.

3) Written assignments evaluated by a faculty advisor at each participating institution.

4) A community-based group research project to be completed at the end of the year.

5) Optional internship opportunities with Rhode Island foundations, to be completed either concurrently or during the summer after the course. Internships are awarded on a space-available basis.

The course will count as either 2 semesters or 3 trimesters of credit as one course. Completion of the year-long course is necessary for any credit to be given. Learning objectives for each session are posted for students and faculty advisors on line. Written assignments will receive comments by Professors Enos and Dill but grades will be issued by faculty advisors at the students' home institutions based on the learning objectives laid out.


Students should be able to manage their time well and be interested in the philanthropic process both theoretically and as it functions in Rhode Island. Graduate and continuing education students will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Two students from each school will be selected. Additional students will be wait-listed and enrolled on a space available basis.


Interested CCRI students should submit their resumes and statements regarding their interest in this course and its relation to their undergraduate educational goals to Professor Pellicio.

For More information or to register for the course contact Professor Pellicio:


office phone:  825-1125