Sternohyoid muscle

Dscn1801.jpg (88197 bytes) Dscn1800.jpg (84000 bytes) Ventral view, left side

Cat information:
 origin:  cranial border of first costal cartilage
            and manubrium

 insertion:  lateral half of ventral surface of
 nerve:  hypoglossal (XII) and ventral ramus of C1
 action:  draws hyoid caudally, draws ribs and
           sternum cranially when hyoid is fixed

Human information:
origin:  manubrium and medial end
        of the clavicle
insertion:  inferior margin of hyoid
nerve:  anterior rami of C1-C3
        through ansa cervicalis
action:  depress larynx and hyoid if mandible
        is fixed; may flex skull