Serratus ventralis muscle

Dscn1814.jpg (81407 bytes) Dscn1827.jpg (78190 bytes) Ventrolateral view, left side

Dscn1810.jpg (79063 bytes) Dscn1811.jpg (76657 bytes) Dorsal view, left side

Cat information:
serratus ventralis (anterior in human)
originribs 1-9 or 10
insertion:  medial surface of scapula
          deep to  the vertebral border
nerve:  long thoracic 
depresses scapula, supports
          the trunk and aids in inspiration

Note that is muscle can be tagged in two places!

8.gif (56312 bytes) Lateral view, left side Anterior view of origin, right side

Anterior (deep) view of insertion, right side

Human information:
serratus anterior (ventralis in cat)
origin:  superior lateral surface of ribs 1-8
insertion:  anterior surface along the
        vertebral border of scapula
nerve:  long thoracic (C5, C6, C7)
action:  protracts (abducts) and rotates scapula
        upward, prevents scapular winging

Serratus ventralis in the cat looks like fingers because it attaches to the ribs, but has nothing to attach to between the ribs.  The name implies that it looks like a serrated knife.  This is one of the five muscles that are grouped as muscles of the scapula, or sometimes as muscles that moor the scapula.  The above drawings of the origin and insertion might help visualize this information (red is the origin, blue the insertion).

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