Rhomboideus minor muscle

Dscn1809.jpg (83096 bytes) Dscn1808.jpg (70875 bytes) Dorsal view, left side

Cat information:
rhomboideus minor
supraspinous ligament in the cervical
region and spinous processes of the first
          four vertebrae

insertion:  vertebral border of scapula
nerve:  ventral rami of cervical nerves near its

draws cranially, retracts (adducts)
          and rotates scapula

7.gif (23827 bytes) Posterior view, left side Posterior view of origin, left side
Posterior (superficial) view of insertion, right side

Human information:
rhomboideus minor
origin:  spinous processes of C7 and T1 and lower
        part of ligamentum nuchae
insertion:  vertebral (medial) border of scapula at
        the root of the spine of the scapula
nerve:  dorsal scapular (C5)
action:  retracts (adducts), elevates and inferior
        rotation of scapula

This is one of the five muscles that are grouped as muscles of the scapula, or sometimes as muscles that moor the scapula.  The above drawings of the origin and insertion might help visualize this information (red is the origin and blue is the insertion).  Note that the origin drawing is for both the rhomboideus major and rhomboideus minor.  Thanks to Laura Holder for the excellent drawing of the origin!

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