Levator scapulae ventralis muscle

Dscn1768.jpg (84267 bytes) Dscn1769.jpg (76630 bytes)  Dorsolateral view, left side

Dscn1773.jpg (79779 bytes) Dscn1772.jpg (72954 bytes) Ventrolateral view, left side

Cat information:
levator scapulae ventralis (levator scapulae in humans)
origintransverse process of C1 and the
        occipital bone
insertion:  metacromion and infraspinatus
nerve:  dorsal scapular
action:  elevates

Note that is muscle can be tagged in two places!

5.gif (25913 bytes) Posterior view, right side Posterior view of origin and insertion, left side
Posterior (superficial) view of insertion, right side

Human information:
levator scapulae
origin:  transverse processes of C1-C4
insertion:  vertebral border of scapula
        between the superior angle and

        the spine of the scapula
nerve:  dorsal scapular (C5) and anterior
        rami of C3 and C4

action:  elevates and downward rotates
        scapula, flexes neck laterally

Some authors call this simply levator scapula.  This is one of the five muscles that are grouped as muscles of the scapula, or sometimes as muscles that moor the scapula.  The above drawings of the insertion might help visualize this information (red is the origin and blue is the insertion).  Thanks to Laura Holder for the excellent drawing of the origin and insertion!

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