Deltoid muscle

Lateral view, right side (photo credit - Paula Stacey, Fall 2008)

12.gif (24601 bytes) Lateral view, right side 13.gif (24385 bytes) Lateral view, right side

14.gif (23095 bytes) Lateral view, right side

Human information:
origin:  anterosuperior border of the lateral
        half of the clavicle, acromion and spine
        of the scapula
insertion:  deltoid tuberosity of humerus
nerve:  axillary (C5, C6)
action:  anterior division: horizontal adductor,
        prime flexor, and medial (internal) rotation
        of shoulder (arm)
        middle division: abducts shoulder (arm)
        posterior division: abducts (horizontal
        abduction), laterally (externally) rotates
        and extends shoulder (humerus or arm)

This is one of the five muscles in the group we refer to as the muscles that move the arm (not including the rotator cuff muscles).

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