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Technical Writing (ENGL-2100)
Think about taking Technical Writing if you wish to add skills for the working world.  You will do letters, proposals, analyses, description, process, memos, surveys, grammar and punctuation, definition, and more.  You should come away at the end of the semester critical of your own writing,  aware of your weak and strong points, and more secure about formatting and writing documents for your work.  Buy the books --
Writing for a Reason and Little Rhody & the Other 49.

Oral Communications (SPCH-1100)
Oral Communications is a speech course, but you learn to listen, question, and develop interpersonal skills especially in the panel presentation. This is a very social course and many students leave the course with good friends and new acquaintances.  Buy books --
The Little Book of Communications and Little Rhody & the Other 49.

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