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Quiz 1                             20% of grade

Quiz 2                             20% of grade

Quiz 3                             20% of grade

Practice Assessments    10% of grade

Journal Presentation      10% of grade

Case History                   20% of grade

If a student has a conflict with a scheduled quiz date or the Final Exam, the student must discuss the problem with the instructor in advance. If an emergency occurs on the day of the quiz or final exam, the student must contact the instructor on that day. Make-up tests must be taken within one week of the assigned test date.

If the student is absent the day of a quiz or final exam and does not contact the instructor, there will be no make-up test.

If the student does not submit the interpretation of practice assessments on the assigned date, the grade for this assignment will be reduced.

The Final Grade will also reflect class participation and attentiveness to class discussion

Time missed in excess of 8 hours will result in the student being asked to drop and reenroll for the course at another time when the benefits of the course can be fully realized.

A-    90-94        A    95-100

B-    80-83        B    84-86        B+    87-89

                          C    70-75        C+    76-79

                          D    60-65        D+    66-69

F    59 & below


A is reserved for students whose work is truly superior

B indicates good or better than average performance

C indicates fair or average performance

D is passing for CCRI credit; it is NOT acceptable for credit for a Human Services Course

F indicates failure or unsatisfactory performance

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