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Course Policies


Students will be required to complete a minimum of 30 contact hours in an educational program that includes children with disabilities. In addition, students are expected to attend weekly college discussion groups for guidance on Case Study format. Should a student miss an excess of 8 college class hours, he/she will be asked to drop and reenroll for the course at another time when the benefits of the course can be fully realized.


Students are expected to be on time for each discussion group and to remain for the entire class. Any pattern of lateness is unacceptable. If a student has a set of circumstances that may prevent him/her from arriving for class on time, he/she must discuss this in advance with the instructor.

Class Participation

Students are expected to complete weekly assignments prior to class and be able to actively share Case Study progress. While participation is encouraged and essential, monopolizing class discussion and interrupting others while speaking is unacceptable. Private conversation during discussion groups will not be permitted.

The following behaviors may justify dismissal from class: sleeping in class, any behaviors that are demeaning to other students and any displays of anger, profanities and threats of violence.


Students with special needs should make arrangements for accommodation through the Disabilities Services for Students Office and discuss these accommodations with the instructor during the first week of class

Cell Phones

Use of cell phones and text messaging is not permitted in class.

All cell phones and pagers must be placed in the silent mode during class time. If there is a family circumstance that requires you to be on call during class time, please place your phone on vibrate and inform the instructor that you may be unexpectedly called out of class.


Food is not permitted in class.

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