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Student Questionnaire


A. Instructions: Use a separate sheet of paper where necessary.

B. Questions

1. Based on your background experience, education, and personal reflection, define the meaning of the word God.

2. Do you believe that God, as you defined above, exists? Why/why not?

3. What is belief or disbelief in God based on? Faith, family background, reason, science, psychological need, feeling, superstition, historical tradition, intuition, rational argument, experience, etc.? A combination of the above? None of the above?

4. Does a religious or spiritual worldview require belief in a personal God? Can one be "spiritual" without any affiliation with or adherence to a traditional, institutional religion (like Judaism, Hinduism, etc.)?

5. Which of the following best expresses your current viewpoint? Briefly explain.
a) there is only one true religion             c) all religions are true
b) all religions are false                           d) all religions contain both truth and falsity

6. The major world religions are ________________. Briefly explain.
a) contradictory                                        c) compatible
c) complementary                                    d) other

7. Are moral values (right and wrong) justified on the basis of religion (dependence) or are they based on something other than religion (independence)? Briefly explain.

8. In your view, religion and science are _________________. Briefly explain.
a) contradictory                                       c) compatible
b) complementary                                   d) other

9. Sacred religious texts (like the Bible, Qur’an, Upanishads, etc.) are best interpreted _____________. Briefly explain.
a) literally                                                  c) figuratively or symbolically
b) both literally and figuratively               d) other