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FEBRUARY 12, 2003


Minutes Recorders:
  Laurie Sherman and Ann O’Leary
Time:  12:00 pm
Location:  Library Conference Room, Liston Campus

Committee Members Present:
Paul Leclerc, Chair
Ellen Mroz
Ann O’Leary
Laurie Sherman

1.  Paul Leclerc distributed the minutes from the last meeting.

2.  Paul Leclerc distributed the Scantron form and explained that the analysis will display the number of each type of response for each question on the questionnaire.

3.  The following revisions were made to both questionnaires:

  • The Instruction sections were changed to reflect the new numbering for Section C.
  • The word “its” was eliminated from #1.
  • The word “my” was eliminated from #3.
  • “Respects” and “supports” was changed to “respect” and “support” on #9 and #10.
  • The semicolons will be removed from Section C.

 4.  The following revision was made to the Student Questionnaire:

  • “Admission” and “Transfer” will be lowercase in #34.

5.  The following revisions were made to the Administration, Faculty, and Staff Questionnaire:

  • The “d” from “engaged” was eliminated in #8.
  • “College’s” will be lowercase in #25.
  • The word “The” was eliminated and “process” was changed to “processes” in #28.
  • The wording in #29 now reads “The department of Information Technology publicizes and follows pertinent copyright and confidentiality policies” as reflected in the February 5 meeting minutes.

6.  Discussed and confirmed number of Student Questionnaires to be distributed as follows:

Campus Questionnaires
Knight 800
Flanagan 500
Liston 200
Newport 100
Total 1600

7.  Discussed and calculated number of Administration, Faculty, and Staff Questionnaires to be distributed by department to faculty members.  Paul Leclerc will have 1500 questionnaires copied.

8.  Paul Leclerc will ask John Ribezzo and Susie Swenson to distribute the questionnaires to the department chairs at the Knight Campus.

9.  Paul Leclerc will ask Denise Lazo to distribute questionnaires to the department chairs at the Flanagan Campus (along with himself) and to the chair of the Nursing department.

10.  A meeting was scheduled for Friday, February 14, at 3 pm, Rm. 2240, Knight campus, to assemble packets for each department chair. Packets will include questionnaires, cover letters (noting the return date of March 3, 2003), Scantron forms, and pencils.