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FEBRUARY 5, 2003


Minutes Recorder:  Ann OíLeary
Time:  1:00pm
Location:  Room 2240, Knight Campus

Committee Members Present
Paul Leclerc, Chair
Denise Lazo
Ellen Mroz
Ann OíLeary
Laurie Sherman
Susie Swenson

Paul Leclerc distributed minutes of the previous meeting, drafts of the student questionnaire and the administration, faculty and staff questionnaire, and copies of the Budget Process courtesy of John Ribezzo.

The status of nonparticipating committee members was discussed. Chairperson Paul Leclerc will resolve this issue.

Paul talked about the use of Scantron forms with the questionnaires. He will consult with Information Technology. The committee will decide at the next meeting whether to color code the questionnaires, as well as finalize the distribution and collection plans.

The committee proofread and completed the Student Questionnaire by adding the following statements:

32.  The grading system at CCRI is fair.
33.  Student orientation is adequate.
34.  CCRI Admission and Transfer counselors are knowledgeable and available regarding transfer information.
35.  Student confidentiality is respected at CCRI.

The committee proofread and completed the Administration, Faculty and Staff Questionnaire by adding some statements from Paulís and Denise Lazoís lists:

17.  Budget allotments to and within CCRI are sufficient to support each department. (This statement caused several statements to move down numerically.)
28.  CCRI adequately orients administrators, faculty, and staff. (This statement is substituted for number 27 on the draft)
29.  The department of Information Technology publicizes and follows pertinent copyright and confidentiality policies.
30.  Adequate technical support is available.
31.  Appropriate academic freedom is granted faculty.
32.  Departmental decisions and policy making include adjunct faculty.

It was decided that instead of counting out the number of surveys needed at each campus, we should count the departments and the faculty for each. Department chairs will be asked to equally distribute the Student Questionnaires among faculty representing daytime, evening and weekend classes and the campuses. It was discussed that each department would receive 5 surveys for each faculty member, but then issued to a limited number of faculty members. This formula will be elaborated and finalized at the next meeting.

The committee will determine the distribution and collection process for the Administration, Faculty and Staff Questionnaires at the next meeting. Bring your creative ideas with you!

The next committee meeting will be held on Wednesday, February 12, 2003.