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NOVEMBER 22, 2002



Minutes Recorder:  Ann O’Leary
Date:  11/22/02
Time:  2:00 pm
Location:  Rm. 2240, Knight Campus

Committee Members Present:

Paul Leclerc, Chair
John Ribezzo
Susie Swenson
Ellen Mroz
Ann O’Leary

The minutes from the previous meeting on November 8th were passed out.

John Ribezzo brought in a copy of “Budget Primer” which is the booklet on the procedures the state uses for dispensing funds. This booklet is what CCRI uses. The committee will look at this for any connection to “Integrity”.

Are the same principles used across the board to disperse funds or resources?
Are the finances of each department looked at equally and fairly?
Should a question about this be put on the faculty/staff survey?
Ellen Mroz will contact Bill Hatfield about pay equity between the departments.  When a base pay is established, does it follow a consistent formula?  Is there equity in replacing positions?

Susie Swenson brought in copies of the 1994 Integrity Questionnaire for faculty and staff and the one for students.

The committee will formulate questions for the 2003 questionnaire based on topics from the 1994 questionnaire.

Topics were reviewed on the old questionnaire, and decisions were made as to which ones were relevant. Topics to include on the Faculty, Staff and Administration questionnaire will be:

Questions 1-9
Code of ethics
Hiring practices
Conflict resolution
Grievance procedure
Academic honesty
Are all students treated equally for their special needs?
Students in sports  (unequal work for a grade?)

Ellen suggested adding the following: As a state institution, does CCRI promote the separation of church and state? Unconstitutional?

Accurate, adequate academic advising services
Questions 10-22
CCRI courses useful for further education and careers
Administration/faculty engage in operations with integrity
Affirmative action
Sexual harassment
Physical safety and environment
Public policies ensuring institutional integrity/policy manual/collective bargaining manuals
Faculty/student relationships
Stealing/Are your personal items secure?
Most topics from questions 10-22 will be put in different order and grouped with common topics.

Time ran out before the Student questionnaire could be looked at.

The next meeting will be held on Friday, December 6, 2002 at 2:00 pm in Room 2240.

For the next meeting, committee members are asked to formulate questions for our 2003 questionnaire based on the 1994 questionnaires and the Student Satisfaction Inventory that was being administered at each campus before Thanksgiving.  Our survey should be ready by mid- February.