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NOVEMBER 8, 2002


Minutes Recorder: Denise L. Lazo
Date: 11/08/02
Location: Rm.2240, Knight Campus

Committee Members Present:

Paul Leclerc, Chair
Ann O’Leary
Sharon Hoffman
Susie Swenson
John Ribezzo
Denise L. Lazo

The minutes from the previous meeting were reviewed and a few minor corrections were made.

The date for the next meeting was prearranged for Friday, November 22, 2002, at 2 p.m., in the same location.

A suggestion was made that there be a student member on this particular committee. Some possible sources included the Student Council and Student Government.

The current setup for the committee’s Web Site was evaluated. IT will be consulted to directly incorporate into the Web Site surveys, to be used as tools for assessment of integrity within the college community.

The Self-Study Guide from 1994 was reviewed for format and content. Not mentioned in the last self-study was evidence of an existing Adjunct Handbook and Faculty Handbook, Student Government Handbook, or Policies and Procedures Books from the Nursing and Allied Health Departments. A copy of the folder given to students at orientation was shared with the committee members. Included in it are the college catalog, student handbook, a copy of the CCRI academic standards and a copy of the withdrawal policy.

In addition it was recommended that the following be collected for reference by this committee and the NEASC accreditors:

  • Crime Statistics

  • Developmental Action Team Report

  • Guide for Faculty

  • Guide for Staff

  • Responsible Use of Technology

  • Grants and Policies

  • Travel Policies

  • Handbooks and Course books

  • Affirmative Action Manual

Other areas to investigate include the budgetary process, specifically examining how funds are appropriated. John Ribezzo volunteered to obtain this information.

It was determined that the ’94 self study would be re-visited to determine if identified problems have subsequently been addressed.

The issue of confidentiality arose, specifically regarding the use of social security numbers as student identification numbers. There is a legitimate concern about identity theft. The question is whether it is legal. For consultation on this and other possible legal issues, it was recommended that this committee try and engage the advice of someone from the law department. John Ribezzo will ask Steve Murray or Joe Parris.

Copies of the current Allied Health BCI forms and CCRI mission statements were distributed.

It was recommended that in the survey distributions to faculty members they be asked to provide Web links to any code of ethics that would be specific to their department and/or profession.

It was agreed that surveys should be done both on line and in paper format. The most efficient way of doing the paper format would be to use a scan-a-tron. Surveys will be distributed to all segments of the college community including all campuses, day, evening and weekend programs, students, faculty, and administration.

Possible questions from the ’94 self-study will be assessed for re-use. Susie Swenson will contact Renee Beneditti to obtain the previous questionnaire. It was decided that practically speaking, the goal would be to have the questionnaire prepared and distributed in the first few weeks of the spring semester. Chairs of the various academic departments will be contacted with the request that the forms be distributed in classroom situations, providing a comprehensive overview.