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February 20, 2003


1. Status reports on distribution of Student and AFS Questionnaires

Possible Interviews

  • College President (Tom Sepe)
  • Director of Affirmative Action (John White)
  • President of the Faculty Union (Bill Hatfield)
  • Director of Personnel (Carol Gold)
  • Director of Information Technology (Richard Fontaine)
  • Executive Vice-President for Business Affairs and Treasurer (Robert G. Henderson)
  • Director of Advising and Counseling (Robert Cipolla)
  • Campus Police (James Ellis)
  • Dean of Enrollment Services (Heather Smith)

Possible Questions

  • What are the three (3) basic values that guide your professional decision-making? How do you determine professional priorities?
  • Define the concept of integrity as it relates to your department or area of responsibility
  • Do you have any statistical data or internal studies relating to integrity issues?
  • Have you received any complaints regarding the integrity of your staff or department?
  • Do you have any positive recommendations for improving integrity in your department? At CCRI?
  • Is appropriate professional privacy and confidentiality maintained in your department?
  • Does your department, and CCRI personnel generally, avoid professional conflicts of interests?
  • To what extent are your professional decisions and actions mandated by policies and procedures? To what extent are they discretionary? What principles guide your discretionary judgment?
  • Are you aware of any serious violations of integrity at CCRI?

4. Denise Lazo’s questions:

A) President Sepe:

  • What ideas do you have that would raise the integrity of CCRI?
  • Do you feel that the integrity of CCRI's mission has been compromised by the recent budget cuts?
  • What steps are you taking to increase the voice of adjunct faculty?
  • Would you say that all promotions are non-discriminatory?
  • What steps does CCRI take to recruit minorities? (Have interviewer be aware of proposed affiliation with URI and RIC to provide an opportunity to the urban campus students to obtain a 4 yr. degree)
  • What steps does the college take to recruit women and minorities in hiring?

B) Director of Information Technology:

  • Describe what steps have been taken to protect the integrity of your department. (Copyrights, security of computers, etc.)
  • Are there currently any existing "holes" in the security that you are aware of?
  • Has the integrity been compromised recently?

C) President of the Faculty Union:

  • Does administration respect the terms of the contract established by the faculty union?
  • In recent years have there been any union issues that could only be resolved by appeal to the Commissioner of Higher Education?

D) Director of Affirmative Action:

  • Does CCRI practice non-discrimination?
  • Is CCRI currently in compliance with all Affirmative Action standards?
  • Have there been any recent issues regarding affirmative action of concern?
  • How can we improve our affirmative action program?

E) Director of Personnel:

  • Have there been any recent complaints of sexual harassment and if so have they been quickly resolved?
  • Does CCRI actively recruit women and minorities when hiring new staff? If so, please describe the methods.