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Integrity At CCRI: An Administration, Faculty, and Staff Questionnaire


A. INSTRUCTIONS: Candidly evaluate the statements below (Section B) by selecting one (1) of the options listed in the box and marking the corresponding letter on the computer answer sheet provided. NOTE: In Section C simply mark the correct answer (questions 33-37). You are welcome and encouraged to add comments in Section D.

A = Strongly agree
B = Agree
C = Neither agree nor disagree
D = Disagree
E = Strongly Disagree


1. CCRI provides an adequate level of physical safety in its buildings and grounds.

2. CCRI provides a healthy level of environmental safety (air quality, for example) inside college facilities.

3. CCRI provides a secure area for personal possessions.

4. The CCRI Code of Ethics is readily available.

5. I have read the CCRI Code of Ethics.

6. The CCRI Code of Ethics sets clear standards for integrity throughout the college.

7.  The CCRI No Harassment policy effectively deters harassment of any kind (sexual, racial, religious, etc.) throughout the college.

8. CCRI does not have any unethical policies, engage in any unethical practices, nor engage in any particular unethical action.

9. CCRI personnel respect and support people of diverse cultural backgrounds (such as race, religion, financial status, etc.).

10. CCRI personnel respects and supports people with different physical abilities.

11. CCRI publicizes policies that promote institutional integrity.

12. CCRI practices these policies fairly toward all college stakeholders (administrators, faculty, students, staff, alumni, etc.).

13. There is a high level of academic integrity at CCRI.

14. Procedures exist at CCRI to address and resolve college-related concerns.

15. Overall, relations between administrators and faculty serve CCRI students well.

16. The CCRI budgetary process is available for public scrutiny.

17. Budget allotments to and within CCRI are sufficient to support each department.

18. Administrative policies at CCRI are fair to all stakeholders (faculty, students, staff, etc.).

19. Accountability of administrative decisions and actions exists at CCRI.

20. CCRI administrative relations with the public and community are straightforward and honest.

21. Promotions and hiring practices at CCRI are open and fair.

22. CCRI promotes open and productive communication among administrators, faculty, and staff.

23. CCRI policies regarding my position and job description are clearly spelled out in detail.

24. My department is adequately staffed.

25. The college’s accountability measures for my position are fair and adequate.

26. The CCRI chain of command is clearly defined and adhered to.

27. CCRI adequately orients administrators, faculty, and staff.

28. CCRI orientation policies, procedures, and process are well designed and efficient.

29. The department of Information Technology publicizes and follows pertinent copyright and confidentiality policies.

30. Adequate technical support is available at CCRI.

31. Appropriate academic freedom is granted faculty.

32. Departmental decisions and policy making include adjunct faculty.


33. What is your employment status?
A= administration B= staff C= faculty

34. What is your gender?
A= female B
= male

35. What is your race?
A= African-American B= Caucasian C= Hispanic D= Asian E= other

36. How long have you been employed by CCRI?
A= 1-4 years B= 5-8 years C= 9-15 years D= 16-20 years E= over 20 years

37. At which CCRI campus do you primarily work?
A= Knight B= Flanagan C= Liston D= other


Please add comments below on 1) any statement above or 2) any college issue related to integrity. When commenting on one of the statements above, please identify the number of the statement. Thank you for your cooperation and valuable input.