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Division One of Being and Time
The Analytic of Da-sein

1. The Task and Theme of the Analytic of Da-sein

a) Priority of being or existence (existentia) over essence (essentia) or Being-what-it-is.

    ·        Presence-at-hand (innerworldly objects)
Existence and possibility

b) Da-sein is in each case mine (mineness)

    ·        Ownmost possibility as an issue
    ·        Da-sein is its own possibility
    ·        Possible modes of being: authenticity and inauthenticity

2. Being-in-the-World in General as the Basic State of Da-sein

a) Being-in-the-world is a unitary phenomenon. Structural constituents:

    ·        In-the-world: worldhood
    ·        The “who?” of being-in-the-world
    ·        Being-in: facticity and multiple ways of being-in; concern or concern (Sorge) as the common kind of being-in

3. The Worldhood of the World: Several Senses of “World”

            a) Totality of innerworldly entities present-at-hand (ontical concept)
            b) Being of entities (ontological concept)
            c) Lifeworld (pre-ontological concept)
            d) Worldhood: structural wholes (ontological concept): involvement and significance

4. Being-in-the-World as Being-With and Being-One’s-Self. The “They”

            a) The existential question of the ‘Who’ of Da-sein
            b) Others and everyday Being-with
            c) Everyday Being-one’s-Self and the “They”

5. Being-in as Such: Da-sein is its Disclosedness

             a) Being-there as State-of-mind or mood (Stimmung); finding oneself (Befindlichkeit)

                        1) Disclosure of facticity or thrownness
                        2) Disclosure of Being-in-the-world
                        3) Circumspective concern and relevance

              b) Being-there as Understanding

                        1) Thrown possibility or projection
                        2) Understanding and interpretation: the ‘as-structure’ of interpretation
                        3) Falling and thrownness

6. Care as the Being of Da-sein

              a) Anxiety (Angst) as a distinctive mode of disclosure: being-in-the-world, the world as world, and authenticity
              b) Da-sein’s Being as Care: ecstatic transcendence (being-ahead-of-itself)