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1. Briefly state, on the basis of your background experience and education, your definition of morality.





2. Briefly describe your general impression or idea of the nature of moral philosophy.






3. Why are you taking an Ethics course? Personal interest, academic requirement, convenient time frame, someone’s recommendation, relation to your major, combination of the above, etc.?





4. What are your general expectations of this course? What are your specific expectations of the instructor, your student peers, and yourself?





5. a) Have you taken any prior philosophy courses? If yes, please list the title(s) and briefly describe the content covered in the course(s).



b) Have you read, or are you aware of, any moral philosophers? Have you read, or are you aware of, any literature relating to ethics (religious, sociological, psychological, anthropological, literary, historical, etc.)? If yes, provide a brief description.




6. OPTIONAL — State anything you want about yourself or your ethical philosophy.