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40. Everyone receives grace (credit) on this question. But Iím genuinely interested in your answer, so please write it below.

In your estimation, which of the following phrases best describes the predominant type of argument utilized in contemporary American society?

1. Oh yea, want to talk about this outside?

2. Everybody knows it, whatís your problem?

3. X (an alleged authority or reputed expert) says itís true, so it is!

4. If you disagree with me youíre an X (racist, sexist, misogynist, homophobe, terrorist, liberal, fascist)

5. I donít care about the evidence, Iím still right

6. Dogmatic drivel and defensiveness

7. Pompous pretension and arrogance run amok

8. NaÔve and entrenched prejudice

9. Machismo pride and competitiveness

10. Ad hominem attack

11. Emotionalism devoid of evidence

12. Propagandistic power trip

13. Ignorant and insulting

14. Simplistic and irrelevant nonsense

15. Politically correct parroting

16. Red herring ó diversion and distraction

17. Thatís my story and Iím sticking to it

18. Generalized mob appeal

19. Hiding behind slippery weasel words

20. Well, thatís just your opinion and I have mine

21. Youíre an unpatriotic American if you think that!

22. All of the above

23. Other (briefly state): _____________________________________________________________

Answer: __________________________________________________________________________