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20. Everyone receives grace (credit) on this question. Do not mark the Scantron form, but please answer in the blue exam book. Iím genuinely interested in your response.

In your estimation, which of the following phrases best describes the real God of contemporary American society?

1. Crass consumerism

2. Hyperbolic patriotism

3. Voyeuristic escapism

4. Shallow materialism

5. Social status

6. Victimization run amok

7. Image over substance

8. Sensationalistic and sleazy sexuality

9. Raw power

10. $$$ The Almighty Dollar $$$

11. Must See TV

12. Mind-numbing entertainment

13. Litigation mania

14. Rampant egocentrism and narcissism

15. Herd-like societal conformism

16. Virtual existence and experience

17. Stultifying political correctness

18. Egoistic selfishness and hedonism

19. Insidious and intrusive commercialism

20. Guns galore (the Wild-West syndrome)

21. Erosion of accountability and sense of entitlement

22. Normalized (homogenized and hollow) individuality

23. Institutional corruption and hypocrisy

24. Instantaneous self-gratification, solutions, and information

25. Superficial acquisition of information (fun facts, factiods, isolated data)

26. Dumbing down of culture and education

27. Propagandistic mass media

28. Dogmatic drivel and defensiveness

29. All of the above

30. Other (briefly state): _______________________________________________________

Answer: ______________________________________________________________