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May 4, 2003


40. Everyone receives grace (credit) on this question. But Iím genuinely interested in your answer, so please write it in the blue exam book.

In your estimation, which of the following phrases best describes the prevailing moral attitude and / or practice in contemporary American society?

1. Look out for Number One

2. The ends justify the means

3. You scratch my back and Iíll scratch yours

4. Get them before they get you; thatís what I say!

5. Itís only wrong if you get caught

6. Everybody does it; youíre a fool if you donít too

7. Whoís to say whatís right or wrong?

8. Morality is a luxury I canít afford

9. Morality is simply the will of the powerful

10. Morality is a purely private matter

11. Judge not lest ye be judged

12. Itís not my fault; Iím a victim of circumstances!

13. Whatís wrong, as long as no gets get hurt?

14. All of the above

15. Other