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Community College of Rhode Island
Clara Leclerc Philosophy Scholarship
May 19, 2004
Elena A. Pita


President Thomas Sepe, Elena A. Pita, and Professor Paul Leclerc

Thank you Joe.

Good evening and welcome to CCRI Awards Night. Itís an honor to recognize and commend all of the well-deserving award recipients here tonight for their hard work, creativity, talent, perseverance, and dedication to excellence. Congratulations!

Iím very pleased to present the second annual Clara Leclerc Philosophy Scholarship award this evening. Clara was a wonderful mother who inspired me as a young CCRI philosophy student. The Clara Leclerc Philosophy Scholarship is a tribute to her generous spirit, personal integrity, and work ethic. It recognizes and rewards student achievement and excellence in philosophy and the liberal arts. This yearís recipient excelled in business and economic studies, earning a 4.0 grade point average and demonstrating, as one of her professors observed, an "intense desire to learn." She will be continuing her education next fall as a Business Administration major at Johnson & Wales University. Accordingly, on behalf of my entire family, Iím delighted to award the second annual Clara Leclerc Philosophy Scholarship to Elena A. Pita.

Paul Leclerc

Chair, Clara Leclerc Philosophy Scholarship committee