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the Bridge of Sighs, il Ponte dei Sospiri, Venice "I approached this course (Basic Spoken Italian I) with the expectation of mastering the pronunciation of basic vocabulary in every day conversations and dialogues. Additionally, as a frequent traveler to Italy, I hoped to obtain basic knowledge of the history, culture, and everyday life as it pertains to my business. This course has allowed the students to interact with each other, as well ..." 

Patricia Farrell~ Associate Director Fine Private Homes for Travellers to Italy

a mail box, una buca per le lettere" I would highly recommend this course (Basic Spoken Italian I). The material was presented in an understandable manner; not too much at a time, but on target. Sig.ra Mansella does an excellent job getting across the material and I found the class very interesting. I look forward to coming to class each week."  

John Mottola

a detail of The Creation by Michelangelo, Sistine Chapel, Rome"Mrs. Mansella is a great teacher. She truly cares about the success of all her students. I always look forward to attending the class (Elementary Italian II)." 

Robert Petrocelli

the David-Michelangelo, Accademia Gallery, Florence

"I found the textbooks to be very useful... the hand-outs were good reinforcement for testing how well we knew a concept (Elementary Italian II)." 

Erin Laharty

"In the first elementary Italian courses I and II Mrs. Mansella very thoroughly laid the groundwork in basic Italian grammar rules and proficiency in vocabulary. She has interjected interesting cultural information throughout all the courses she has presented to her classes. The current course, Intermediate Italian I is a more advanced continuation of learning to apply Italian grammar and vocabulary to compositional writings, increasing comprehension through conversational exchanges which include questioning and answering and increasing reading ability in Italian with much more advanced textual subject material. One of the most enjoyable aspects of all three Italian courses has been the Italian cultural knowledge that has been presented through historical facts about Italy as a country, visualizing Italian foreign films, music, art, etc.."

Alicia Calci, Taylor E. Lupino and Angelo Speranza

music composer-Giuseppe Verdi"Language is the basis of culture. We have chosen to continue our study of Italian at the Advanced Conversation and Composition Level to improve our understanding of and our ability to communicate in Italian and to learn more about the fascinating Italian culture. And it gives a major boost to our Latin souls when encountering everyday Italian life and enjoying the good company of family and friends in Italy."

Paula Maloney, Charles Mansolillo, Esq., Patricia Di Benedetto Barbą, Joseph Tucci, MD


an Italian food basket"Life is Beautiful" directed by Roberto Benigni (1997)  "Il Postino" directed by Michael Radford (1995) "Cieli di Toscana" by Andrea Bocellimimosa flowers

 Mille Grazie!

1 euro  Indietro                                                      AvantiDrawing by Leonardo da Vinci, Academy in Venice



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