ABCs of Learning Strategies For Successful Language Learning 
   Suggerimenti per líapprendimento di lingue straniere 

A-avoid heavy reliance on a dictionary.
B-be assertive. Make and take opportunities to use the language in natural communication both inside and outside of class.
C-compensate for your lack of linguistic ability by:
*occasionally using your native tongue,
*asking for help (repeat, clarify, slow down, give examples),
*using mime and gesture,
*making up new words,
*describing the concept for which you lack a word,
*using hesitation fillers when you need to think.
D-donít be afraid to make mistakes.
E-evaluate your progress.
F-forget about your age or aptitude when learning a foreign language.
G-guess when in doubt.
H-hypothesize! Before you read a rule, try to formulate it yourself by analyzing the examples.
I-if you donít understand, just say so!
J-just be persistent!
K-keep a language diary.
L-limit your expectations to those that are reasonable and attainable. Be patient.
M-memorize creatively by using images, rhymes, sounds, etc.
N-negotiate with your teacher when you want errors corrected.
O-open your mind and develop a better attitude toward the native speakers and their culture.
P-praise yourself in writing.
Q-quit making excuses. If you are not making improvement, before you blame your teacher or textbook, ask yourself if you are using the strategies of a good language learner.
R-relax before going to class and before doing homework assignments.
S-study with a partner.
T-try not to translate in your head. Instead, try to speak spontaneously.
U-Use this checklist, and refer to it periodically.
V-record new vocabulary and grammar rules in a notebook, and do it systematically.
W-wear your successes and preferences and reward them
X-eXamine your own language learning strategies, problems, successes, and preferences, and talk about them with other students. Also, learn from the successes of your classmates.
Z-ZZZZZ- Wake up! Donít sleep in class. Perform every class activity.

  RIFLA Gazette Summer 1997, Volume 30, N.3

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