Le porte 

By Debra Lilli

I watch you as if I know you,

Eyes fixed in full stare;

Is it your aged barbaric beauty?

Is it your stately formed shape?

Is it your weathered stains or distinct exterior

that seduces me,

transcending unspoken history of generations upon

generations upon generations upon generations.

"Apritevi" - you seem to say to me…

"Apritevi"- Open up, Open up!

I stand before you and know I belong.

The voices on the other side translate,

beyond the foreign portals of time,

beyond the beauty,

beyond the visual,

beyond the words, the language.

"Apritevi" - they seem to say to me…

"Apritevi" - Open up, Open up!

They see me. I hear them.

And you…you are the centurions, the keepers,

the watchers, the guardians, the bridged

threshold representatives of the souls of the streets,

of the walls, of the walls and walls

beyond the walls.

"Apritevi" - I say to you…


Debra Lilli
© 2003