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Spring 2010 Course Syllabus

Course: ITAL - 2220 Italian Conversation and Composition II    
Prerequisite course required ITAL-2210 Italian Conversation and Composition I  or permission of instructor.
Title Section Credits Days Time Building Room Start
 16388 Italian Conv & Comp II  105 3.00       W   4:30-
7:00 pm 
KNIGHT CAMPUS (WARWICK) 6308 01-25-10 05-17-10 Prof.: Maria C. Mansella
Office:  Room 3168
Tel.: 825-2011/2168
Office Hrs.: MW 10:00-11:00 AM
                                12:00-1:00 PM
WR 3:00-4:00PM or by appointment

Course Description

Italian Conversation and Composition II is a continuation of Italian Conversation and Composition I. 

Course Objective

This is an intensive course in Italian conversation and composition. Selected cultural videos, readings and classroom discussions provide an atmosphere to develop and improve speaking and understanding of Italian language and culture at the advanced level. Oral presentations and written compositions are required.
Course conducted in Italian. Prerequisite: ITAL 2210 or permission of instructor. Lecture: 3 hours



1. Presentation of active vocabulary, idioms and grammatical structures.

2. Reading aloud of the text (in form of letters, dialogues, monologues, narrative, etc.) for pronunciation, intonation, oral practice and comprehension.

3. Activities and exercises such as questioning and answering for comprehension, and oral practice.

4. Dictation, translation and listening activities (Italian -English; English-Italian) for comprehension, grammar, and accurate use of idiomatic expressions.

5. Presentation and explanation of grammar drills; exercises prepared written and orally utilizing the grammar, vocabulary, and idiomatic expressions.

6. Cooperative learning will be strongly encouraged. The class will be divided in  groups or pairing of students to work together on assigned activities in which the Italian language will be used. The objective is to develop creativity, reinforcement, motivation and self-confidence.

7. Audio visual material such as cultural videos, Italian films, selected conversational units will provide material for listening comprehension, appreciation, and class discussion.

8. Cultural videos, photographs, and "realia" in general will be presented in the course in order to develop an awareness and appreciation for the Italian language and culture.

9. Instructorsí web page will be used in order to facilitate students' learning, to explore students' academic curiosity and to connect technology standards with foreign languages standards.

10. Students are strongly advised to participate in the cultural activities sponsored by the Italian Club and other educational organizations. The objective is to provide the students with interesting learning experiences pertaining to the Italian language and culture outside the classroom and to connect with students and community members from other organizations and institutions.


All students are strongly advised to review: Community College of Rhode Island 2009-2010 Student Handbook

1. Students will act responsibly (interest, attendance, preparation, contribution to the class, and respect for each other.) Each student has the right to expect the College to fulfill its educational responsibilities as effectively as its capacity and resources will permit. Correspondingly, the college must exercise the right to establish and maintain standards of conduct, which will promote an atmosphere conducive to learning and meaningful individual development.

2. In order to facilitate learning, classroom propriety shall be maintained at all times; food is not permitted in the classroom. In consideration of the instructor and other students, punctual attendance at all class meetings is required. Cellular phones, blackberries, pagers, and watch alarms MUST BE SWITCHED OFF during class. NO cell phones are permitted on the desktops and under the desk.

a. Attendance

Attendance will be taken regularly. Each class will consist of a variety of learning activities including lecturers, cultural discussions, readings and dialogues. It is impossible to recreate these learning experiences for those who have missed a class. It is the responsibility of the student to notify the instructor in case of justified absence; be prepared at all times and arrange make-up of classroom work if necessary. Much of the class is interactive, so attendance and participation are very important. Students are encouraged to use e-mail pals, to form group study, and to work with tutors - especially beneficial for those students seeking reinforcement and extra practice.

b. Preparation

Homework assignment will be given during class meetings. Students are expected to spend several hours a week on class assignments. Homework will be reviewed in class or collected by instructor. Italian Conversation and Composition II will cover Capitoli 10-14. Having completed capitolo 14 successfully, students will go over selected readings not covered in Italian Conversation and Composition I.
Each class will consist of the following activities:

Class I
a. Per cominciare: Realia based activity with emphasis on oral communication. Students will learn everyday language functions and idiomatic expressions within a cultural framework.
b. Struttura grammaticale: Students will review verb tenses learned in previous courses and they will learn new tenses and grammar patterns at the advanced level.
Class II
c. Lettura: Students will be presented with cultural readings followed by activities pertaining to reading comprehensions and class discussion. Readings are selected for their inherent interest, relevance to the chapters' cultural themes, and pedagogical value.
d. Studio di parole: Idiomatic expressions, vocabulary and sentence structure with emphasis to contemporary relevance.
Class III
e. Temi per componimento o discussione: Students will prepare one written composition and/or a dialogue and/or skits (in Italian).
f. Per comunicare: Dialogues and cultural information.
g. Che cosa dice? Special phrases used in specific situations in everyday situations.
h. Situazioni: Students will prepare one written composition, and/or a dialogue and/or skits (in Italian).


N. B. The final grade will be based on attendance, class participation, and the increasing ability to converse and write with ease and competence in the target language. 

1. 25% Homework assignment (grammar) and class participation
2. 25% Weekly compositions
3. 25% Mid-term
4. 25% Final exam

Special announcements

2010 Summer Immersion Program in Italy (
CCRI Italian Club (
Rosetta Stone
Rosetta Stone is a language-learning software program, available in 30 languages. To register, please email using your CCRI email account and providing your name, 14-digit CCRI Library Card barcode number, and the ONE language you wish to study. Access is granted for a semester. Because access is limited, priority will be given to new users. Accounts not used within 3 months will be de-activated.

Benvenuti! In bocca al lupo!

La Certosa, Pavia


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