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English 1005: College Writing

Course Information

Instructor: Kathleen Beauchene, Professor of English
Office: Flanagan (Lincoln) Campus - Room #1214
Office Hours:  Fall 2010 
Monday:   10 AM - 12 PM 
Tuesday:  12 - 1 PM; 4- 6 PM (online)
Thursday: 12- 1 PM
Other hours available by appointment
Phone: 401-333-7389
E-mail Preferred contact method.
 Other Contact Methods: 401-333-7372 (Flanagan Campus, Lincoln, English Dept.)
401-825-2262 (Knight Campus, Warwick, English Dept.)

When you walk into an English class, are you afraid that:

If you have answered "Yes" to any of these questions, this course is for you!


This course focuses on the writing process: planning, organizing, developing, drafting and revising. Course activities begin with paragraphs and progress to essays and include research documentation assignments. (Prerequisite: English placement exam or successful completion of 0250)


When you finish this course, you will be able to:


1. Absences - Class attendance is mandatory. Missing class means that you will be missing explanations, in-class assignments, discussions, etc. Therefore, any absence negatively affects your grade. Of course, emergencies and illnesses do occur. For those reasons, I have listed my phone number and email address above. You must contact me in order to make up assignments and quizzes.

I endorse the English Department's attendance policy.   For a class that meets 3 times a week, you are allowed three, unexplained absences. (Note that two late arrivals=1 absence.) After 3 absences, your grade will be reduced. After 6 absences, an F will be assigned for the course. I will notify you when you have reached 3 absences.

2. Grading - Assignments should be submitted completely and promptly by the given date in order to receive full credit. There is a one-class day grace period and one letter grade penalty for late assignments. You are allowed 2 late assignments.

Designated writing assignments that are submitted by the due date may be rewritten provided that you: meet with me prior to rewriting. submit the rewritten paper when due. improve the paper’s quality/content—not just mechanics (grammar, punctuation, spelling).  Any paper receiving an "R" (for Rewrite) must be rewritten.

Grading Standards for written work are as follows:

A  - The content is both unified and coherent. Sufficient supporting details are provided to develop the main point clearly. There are few grammar or spelling errors. Sentence patterns are varied, with the pacing controlled throughout. Vocabulary is appropriate for the intended audience.

B  - The content is unified and generally coherent. Key ideas are supported with some specific details. Grammar and spelling errors are minimal. Sentence patterns are sufficiently varied to keep the reader interested and alert. Vocabulary and phrasing are appropriate for the intended audience.

C  - The content is somewhat unified and coherent. Supporting details to clarify the main point are included but are not adequate. Grammar, spelling and sentence structure errors are apparent but are not prevalent enough to distort the meaning of the sentences. Vocabulary is limited.

D  - The main point is unclear. Several key ideas are left undeveloped. Generalizations are not supported with details. Organization is confusing. Several grammatical or sentence structure errors are prevalent enough to distort meaning. The vocabulary is repetitious and/or inappropriate for the intended audience.

F  - The paragraph/essay is marginally coherent. Supporting ideas may be missing or not sufficiently developed. Grammar, spelling, and sentence structure are weak throughout. This grade is also given for any plagiarized assignment.

3. Final Grade - Your final grade will be calculated as follows:

Written Work-------------------75% (Paragraphs 25%; Essays 50%)
Homework/Quizzes-------------25% (Homework 10%; Quizzes 15%)

4. Submitted Work - All written work must be computer generated. Because we often work on writing in class, I prefer that you bring writing assignments to class on your USB or email them to yourself from WebCT, CCRI email, or an email program of your own choosing. (If you need to email an assignment, be sure to format it properly and to send it as either a Microsoft Word or as a Rich Text attachment. ) You can print from the classroom printer.

I will allow you one "computer excuse" ("I forgot my USB drive at home, I saved it to my laptop instead of the USB, I thought I emailed it, My dog ate it.") After that, your work is considered late and grading standards noted above will apply. I will be glad to explain any computer-related issue that arises or direct you to the Help Desk. Get help early. You do not want the computer to prevent you from writing. The computer should facilitate your writing.

All work must be original. Simply put, plagiarism is stealing someone else's ideas or words without giving credit to the source. Getting caught at it (and getting caught is easier than you might think) has serious repercussions, including failing the assignment and very possibly the course itself. Please read the CCRI Policy on Academic Honesty.

5. Class Conduct - Respect is key in this course in all situations--class lecture, group work, and speaking situations. Showing respect means not walking into class late. I can overlook an occasional lateness. However, repeatedly walking into class late indicates that the class meeting time is not for you. Respect also means turning off and putting away all electronic devices: pagers, cell phones, iPods. Listening attentively is important, as it, too, shows respect. Fidgeting, playing around with a backpack or purse, talking to others, mumbling to yourself, doing work for other classes, text messaging, etc., shows lack of respect and distracts other students from learning and me from teaching. I will ask disrespectful students to leave the classroom. CCRI's Student Handbook includes specific policies regarding student code of conduct.

6. Class Time - We will spend our class time:

7. Resources for Success

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