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My Supplemental Videos Notes– I have created several videos that demonstrations of problem solutions for a variety of concepts covered in this course. You can link to these videos  from the table  below.

Free Software :  The Visio software application  is one of the application programs that is available to us through  the MSDNAA agreement the Computer Studies Department has with Microsoft.  You will receive an email at your CCRI email account from sender DREAMSPARK who administers access to the software. This email will have instructions on how to log in to download your FREE Microsoft software products.  If you do not see the email, first, check in your JUNK folder. If you still don’t have the email from DreamSpark then contact the department secretary, Donna Scattone, at or 825-2155. She can advise on how to proceed.

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Text Book  Notes

Professor Allen’s Video Notes

Assignments  and Quiz Hints -Available in Blackboard

Solution Files for “End of Chapter” Problems

CH 1

CH 2

DeskCheck Demo

Assignment 1

 Available in Blackboard


Brief Visio Tutorial

Assignment 2


CH 3

CH2 – Order of Operations

Assignment 3


CH 4

CH 2 – Flowchart Symbols and Variable Names



CH 5

CH 3 - Modules



CH 6

CH 3 – Modules(Stadium Seating Word Problem)



CH 8

CH 4 – Decision Structures



PseudoCode Rules

CH 5 - Looping

Quiz 1 hints


RAPTOR Website

CH 8 – Array End of Chapter Solution

Quiz 2 hints




Quiz 3 hints


Raptor Tutorial









Gaddis -2nd edition videos link