PIPELINE –What is it?  

   Software that is connecting CCRI students, faculty &

  staff to academic resources, e-mail,  registration and other online services.


What CCRI services do I have access to by using  Pipeline?
  Registration (Add/Drop), viewing your grades, check seat availability of course

  Sections, view your unofficial CCRI transcript, how to view your transfer transcript,

account balance  information, and viewing your Financial Aid Information.


Getting Started with Pipeline

Go to the Homepage http://www.ccri.edu/

Click on the PIPELINE HELP link to get help logging in and using Pipeline at the link :

Community College of Rhode Island Login - powered by Campus Pipeline


To Find Your User Name
Click on the link from the Pipeline home page under the Need Help area.

From this page find out about

Your User name

Your Password


About Your Pipeline User Name 


   The convention for user name is your first initial followed by your last name.  An exception to that  standard occurs when more than one person has the same first initial and last name.  In that case, the user   name becomes first initial, followed by last name, and followed by a sequential number, e.g.

   DBROWN1 for David Brown.


   Find your Pipeline User Name


   Your Pipeline Password


   Your PIN Number for the TELUS telephone registration system is also your password for Campus  Pipeline.   


How to Log in Step by Step Instructions link form the CCRI Homepage Pipeline Help->Student Guide to Using Pipeline

Pipeline Student Manual - IT - CCRI


FAQ pages available

EMAIL Tutorial