Oral Communications


You will be asked in this class to give a number of speeches in a variety of formats. These will include autobiography, personal experience, demonstration, inform, and persuade. In addition, you will be required to give at least one impromptu speech, one ungraded video-taped speech, and participate in group discussions on controversial issues. Your active and responsible participation in these discussions (or lack of them) will also be reflected in your final grade.

Because of the nature of this class, your regular attendance is required. You are permitted four absences without penalty. After that, your grade is lowered. Except under extraordinary circumstances, upon your seventh absence, you cannot pass the course, so use your absences wisely. In addition, as a reward for your regular attendance – three or fewer absences -- if you have missed none of your scheduled speeches, you will be allowed to drop your lowest single speech grade from your semester average. You are permitted to be late twice. After that, each late arrival is counted as an absence.

There will be no textbook, no mid-term, and no final exam. If during the semester you are unable to give your speech on the day you are assigned to do so, your grade for that speech will be lowered one full grade. If you miss a second time, you will fail the speech.

In a recent survey about people’s "worst fears," over 50% of the American public ranked public speaking as its top anxiety, ranking it over accident, disease, and death. If you are one of those people, please know that many people in this class will be feeling the same way and that you will always have a highly sympathetic audience.

I am here on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. My office is on the first floor of the faculty office area, number 1218. My phone number is 333-7137. Please feel free to call, e-mail me at jglickman@ccri.edu, or come see me if you have any questions or issues of concern.


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