Microsoft Word Functions


The Word Window
The File Tab - access to Word Options dialog box and saving, printing, etc.
Ribbon - commands that are grouped according to the tasks you perform
Tabs - one-click access to groups of commands on the ribbon
Quick Access Toolbar - common commands you use frequently - Save, etc.
Rulers - Show page margins, tab stops, row heights, and column widths
Insertion Point - shows where characters will appear when you start typing
Paragraph Mark - marks the end of a paragraph
View Buttons - allow you to change the way the document is displayed


Opening a New Document
File Tab, New (verify that blank document is selected)


Setting up the Word Document

Click Print Layout Button (lower right hand corner)


Display the Rulers
Click View Tab (top of Word window), In the Show/Hide group on the View tab locate the Ruler check box.  A check mark indicates it is already on


Displaying Nonprinting Characters--characters that show on the screen but that do NOT print on paper.  Home tab, paragraph group, Click the Show/Hide Tool (if itís not already on) Right arrow indicates the tab key was pressed, a dot between words indicates where you press the space bar, a backward P indicates where you have pressed the Enter key.


Font and Font Size

Home Tab, Font Group, Font Size - default is Calibri, 11 points


Zoom Settings

Lower right-corner of the Word window, Zoom Out, Zoom In, Zoom slider, Zoom level


Inserting Blank Lines in a Document  press the Enter Key


Entering Text - Word Wrap - do NOT press Enter at the end of every line of typing.  Press Enter only to end short lines of text or to make a new paragraph.  Word wrap will place text on lines between the left and right margins.


Saving a Document   File Tab,  Save As (first time save).  Make sure you are saving your document to the right disk drive. 


Undo and Redo - Undo will cancel your last action.  Redo will redo your last action


AutoCorrect Options - File Tab, Options, Proofreading, AutoCorrect.  With replace text as you type feature turned on, common misspelled words will be corrected automatically as you type.


AutoComplete - automatically inserts dates and other regularly used items.


Scrolling a Document Page Up keys, Page Down keys, up arrow, down arrow, scroll box, scroll bar, scroll arrows, Ctrl Home, Ctrl End


Misspelled Words   Red jagged line underneath a word indicates it is misspelled.  Right click the mouse on the misspelled word and select the correctly spelled word from the list

Print Preview Click the File Tab, Print, Print Preview Button


Printing a Document File Tab, Print or click the printer icon


Check Spelling    Review Tab, Spelling and Grammar


To select:

            A word                        double click the word

            A line                           click the selection bar to the left of the line

            A paragraph                 triple click within the paragraph

            An entire document       Ctrl + A


To delete text, select the text then press the delete key


Copying or Moving Text

            Drag and Drop:  select text, hold left mouse within the text and drag to a new location

            Cut/Copy: select text, click on cut or copy tool, move insertion point, click on paste tool


Replacing Text

Home Tab, Editing Group, Replace


Change Margins

Page Layout Tab, Margins, Custom Margins will bring up the Page Layout Dialog Box


Line Spacing
Home Tab, Line Spacing Tool in the Paragraph Grouping


Align Text-- Left, Center, Right, Justify
Home Tab Paragraph Grouping, Left, Center, Right, Justify


Indenting Paragraphs--
Home Tab, Paragraph Grouping, Increase Indent Tool


Format Painter--
Home Tab, Clipboard Grouping - Format painter - use to "paint" on a format from other text


Bullets and Numbering
Home Tab, Paragraph Grouping - Bullets and Numbering -- Use to add enumerated lists or bulleted lists


Font and Font Style-- Use to change font or font size
Home Tab, Font Grouping


Bold Tool  
Home Tab, Font Grouping


Use to italicize words
Home Tab, Font Grouping


Use to underline text
Home Tab, Font Grouping

Sections within a document
To divide a document into sections, you insert a section break.  A section is a unit or part of a document that can have its own page orientation, margins, headers, footers, and vertical alignment.  Each section is like a mini-document.  To insert a section break:  Page Layout Tab, Break.

Vertical Alignment
Page Layout Tab
, Custom Margins, Layout Tab, Vertical alignment

Headers and Footers
Double click in the white space at the top of the document and the header area will open up.  Double click in the white space at the bottom of the document and the footer area will open up.

Inserting a Table
Insert Tab -
Table Grouping, Insert Table, type number of columns and rows

Formatting Tables
Tables Tools - Design Tab -
Table Styles Grouping

Borders and Shading within a Table
Tables Tools - Design Tab -
Table Styles Grouping - Borders and/or Shading

 Word Art                                                 

Insert Tab,  Word Art from Text grouping
To Edit the WordArt
Select WordArt, Text grouping on the WordArt Tools Format tab, select Edit Text

Changing the Shape of WordArt
Select Word Art, WordArt Styles grouping, Change WordArt Shape button

Inline Graphic/Floating Graphic
Inline graphic means the picture is located in a specific position in a specific line of the document
Floating graphic is attached or anchored to a specific paragraph; but you can drag a floating graphic to any location in the document.  The text then wraps around it.

Text Wrapping 
Select WordArt, click the Text Wrapping button in the Arrange Grouping

Position and Enlarge WordArt
Mouse over WordArt, 4-headed arrow is move, drag WordArt to new position
To enlarge WordArt, select WordArt, position pointer over one of the resizing handles

Newspaper Style Columns
Page Layout tab, Columns button, More Columns, Presets section, click the two icon (for two columns)

Inserting Graphics
Insert Tab, Online Pictures (old version called Clip Art)

Cropping a Graphic
 Select graphic, Crop button in the Size grouping on the Picture Tools Format tab

Wrapping Text Around the Graphic
Select the graphic, Picture Tools, Format Tab, Arrange Grouping, Text Wrapping

Moving a graphic
Select graphic, then drag to a new location

Inserting a Drop Cap
Insert Tab, Text Grouping,  Drop Cap

Inserting Symbols
Insert Tab, Symbols Button in the Symbols Grouping

Border Around the Page
Design Tab, Page Background grouping, Page Borders button

Making your own page break
Press CTRL + ENTER or Insert Tab, Page Break

Inserting Footnotes
References Tab, Insert Footnote

Inserting headers and Footers
Insert Tab, Header & Footer Grouping, Header or Footer

Inserting Page Numbers
Insert Tab, Header & Footer Grouping, Page Number