Introduction to Computers

Spring, 2015

Lab Assignment 1

Send me an email with the following info:  Type your answers into an email message from your CCRI email account.  D0 NOT SEND ME A WORD DOCUMENT WITH THIS INFORMATION

  1. Your first and last name

  2. What you already know about computers, what you want to know about computers

  3. If you use computers at work, what you do with computers?

  4. Do you have a computer at home?  Is it an Apple computer or a PC computer?  If you have a computer at home, what do you mainly use it for?

  5. Why you are taking this course (it's OK to say that you're taking this course because it's required!)

  6. What software you know how to use (if any). 

  7. Do you have a smartphone?  If so, what kind is it?  If you own a smartphone, what are 3 of your favorite apps?

  8. If you own a cell phone, do you spend more time texting or talking on your cell phone (smartphone)?

  9. What other courses are you taking (if any) this semester?

  10. If you wanted me to know ONE THING about you, what would it be?

Answer each question above THOROUGHLY, including ALL information required.  Please number your answers in your reply email to me.  This is a graded lab assignment.  Please check all spelling and grammar in your reply email prior to your sending it to me as I take off points for misuse of grammar and incorrect spelling.