Introduction to Computers
Summer, 2016
Chapter 1 Exam


  1. Type your name at the top left of the page and press the Enter key once.
  2. Do NOT type the questions
  3. Double Space the document
  4. Font size 12 points
  5. One inch margins all around
  6. Use the Numbering Feature to number your answers
  7. Do NOT copy your answers directly from the book using the author's exact words
  8. Do a spell check in Microsoft Word before you print your document (I take off points for incorrect spelling and incorrect grammar)
  9. In your own words, answer the following questions in sentence and paragraph format
  10. This is a college-level course,  and at this point you are expected to know how to write in complete sentences that are grammatically correct.
  11. MUST BE AT LEAST 1 1/2 pages to get credit for this exam and to fulfill the requirements of this exam
  12. This exam is to be formatted in report format, meaning complete sentences and paragraphs
  13. Do NOT use emoticons, slang, abbreviations like C U L8tr, etc.--this is a formal paper not a text message to your friends!


Exam Questions:
1. What is "Moore's Law"?  How often have you or your parents purchased computers in the last 10 years?
2. How do you feel about biomedical chip implants
3. Chapter 1 in your book has a section on "wearable computers".  Give an example of a wearable computer (not from the book).  Would you ever "wear" a computer?
4. What do you think of the following article:  google contact lens for diabetics
5. Go to the following website: Read the article about powering down your computer.  What did you learn about computers remaining on all the time?  What did you learn about the life of a computer that is kept on all the time?  Summarize the article.


Remember, this is an EXAM and it requires you to answer each question FULLY and THOUGHTFULLY.  Answering each question with one-sentence answers or two-sentence answers are not acceptable.  You need to think about each question and answer each question in detail.

Print your document out and staple the papers.  Hand in to your instructor.