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Textbooks:Visualizing Technology by Debra Geoghan, Fourth Edition
Skills for Success with Microsoft Office 2013, Volume 1 by Townsend, Hain, Murre Wolf

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Please Note: All lab assignments are explained in detail at COMI 1100 150 Intro to Computers
In-class lab assignments cannot be made up.  You must be "in class" to get credit for an in-class lab.
Grading for Lab Assignments:  -5 points minor error and -10 points major error


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COMI 1100 150 Intro to Computers


Tuesday, May 24th

Lab Assignment:  Are you a phubber?  Email me with your thoughts on phubbing.  This must be postmarked by midnight tonight.

First Lab Assignment -- must be postmarked by midnight tonight

Microsoft Word Beginning Functions -- print this out

Beginning of Chap 1 Concepts Book

Chapter 1 Exam