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       Fall 2015



COMI 1100  Introduction to Computers

Monday Night COMI 1100 202 Room 2304 Class Starts August 31st

Wednesday Night COMI 1100 206 Room 2304 Class Starts September 2nd

Please click here -----> Course Syllabus
Fall, 2015

You need a jump drive for this class   

Textbooks:Visualizing Technology by Debra Geoghan, Fourth Edition
Skills for Success with Microsoft Office 2013, Volume 1 by Townsend, Hain, Murre Wolf

Please Note: All lab assignments are explained in detail at

Student Data Files Needed for Lab Assignments
To get the files you need fore lab assignments in the orange book shown to the right, click on the link below:

Once at the web site, do the following:
Select Word Chapter 1:  Create Letter and Memos
Copy the files onto your jump drive (if you do not know how, I will help)
To get the files you need for your concepts book shown to the right....
Go to this web site ----->
  Visualizing Technology Complete, Second Edition