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Spring Semester 2015
COMI 1100 151 Intro to Computers Wednesday and Friday 11:00 a.m. to 12:50 p.m. Room 2433

Please click here -----> Course Syllabus
Spring, 2015

You need a jump drive for this class   

Textbooks:Visualizing Technology by Debra Geoghan, Second Edition
Skills for Success with Microsoft Office 2013, Volume 1 by Townsend, Hain, Murre Wolf

Please Note: All lab assignments are explained in detail at

Please note: 

Friday, February 27th is the midterm exam.  Midterm Grades are due Wednesday, March 4th by noon.

Spring Break is the week of March 16th.

CCRI has scheduled a Professional Day April 10th.  There are no classes held at CCRI.

May 1st is the last class for this course
Due Dates for Assignments   Due Dates for Assignments
Wednesday, January 21st Class
  Friday, January 23rd Class
Wednesday, January 21st

Microsoft Word Beginning Functions -- print this out

Beginning of Chap 1 Concepts Book

First Lab Assignment -- must be postmarked by midnight tonight


  Friday, January 23rd

Continue Chapter 1 Concepts Book

Microsoft Word Beginning Functions -- print this out

Chapter 1 Exam due Wednesday, January 30th at 11:00 a.m. before we start class

In the News:

The new Apple iPhone 6

The New Apple Pay

Facebook Poaches on YouTube Turf

Net Neutrality Today

Wednesday, January 28th

  Friday, January 30th

Chap 7 Concepts Book
Chapter 7 Exam due Feb. 4th before we start class

Introduction to the Snipping Tool pp. 22-23 Concepts Book

Firefox or Google Chrome:
Register for MYITLAB (you need the code that came with your book)      MYITLAB using Firefox or Google Crome (YOU CANNOT USE INTERNET EXPLORER)  Word Chapter 1 Simulation training due Thursday, Feb. 5th by midnight

Wednesday, Feb. 4th

Start Chapter 2 Concepts Book
Chapter 2 Exam due Feb. 11th before we begin class

More Microsoft Word from printout

Citations and Footnotes Download ----> Citations Footnotes Works Cited

Click here to download the class.doc ----> class.doc

  Friday, Feb. 6th

Finish Chapter 2 Concepts Book

Click here to download the clothes.doc --->  clothes.doc

Orange Book:
Word Lab Assignment 1 Orange Book pp. 117 to 135 due Feb. 11th before class begins.  On page 135, after you complete Step 9, PRINT OUT THE DOCUMENT.   Hand in the printed copy to your instructor.

Word Lab 2 Orange Book pp. 143 and 145 due Feb. 13th at the beginning of class

Word Lab 3 Orange Book p. 146 due Feb. 13th at the beginning of class

 TO GET THE STUDENT DATA FILE THAT YOU NEED FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT ON PAGE 124, STEP 3 AND 4 ----> SCROLL DOWN THIS PAGE ON MY WEB SITE UNTIL YOU SEE THE ORANGE BOOK IN THE RIGHT-HAND COLUMN.  FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS TO THE LEFT OF THE BOOK TO GET THE FILE OR FILES YOU NEED. Create your own comic strip, use the snipping tool to copy it and paste it into a word document.  Underneath the comic strip, describe your "story" and the characters in your story.  Type your name as the footer.  Due Feb. 20th.

Wednesday, Feb. 11th

Start Chapter 3 Concepts Book

Windows Operating System:
Print these out:  win8 new features
                             useful info on win8
                             more useful info on win8
                            shortcut keystrokes for windows 8

File Explorer (Windows Explorer and formerly File Manager)

More Word -Click here to download themovers.doc ------> Movers.doc

Practice for the Midterm

Friday, Feb. 13th

Finish Chapter 3 Concepts Book
Chap 3 Exam due Feb. 18th

Infographics--what are they?

my attempt an an infographic

Wednesday, Feb. 18th

Today's Tech News

Apple Makes a Car???

Facebook and Death!!!

Begin Chap 4 Concepts Book

In-Class Lab - research topics for your infographic.  Come up with 3 possible topics for your infographic.  Research software you are going to use for your infographic.

Due at end of class:  3 possible topics for your infographic.  Type your name in a word document and then press enter.  Using the numbering tool, type the names of the 3 possible topics for your infographic.  Print out and hand in to instructor.



Friday, Feb. 20th

Assignments for the Newspaper Articles Report to be presented Wednesday, March 4th in class

Finish Chap 4 Concepts Book  (There is NO chapter 4 exam)

Your Feelings Identified by an App?????

In-Class Lab:  Work on Infographic in class.  Create an outline for your infographic and print it out before you leave class today.  Outline should include:  your topic, the software you are using to produce your infographic, the design of your infographic, and the individual topics that will make up the content of your infographic. 

Provide answers to the following questions:

What is your infographic about?
What is the title of your infographic?
What topics will you be including in your infographic?
Provide sources of information that you will be using to include in your infographic.
What software program will you be using to create your infographic?
What is your target audience?

This is due at the end of class today.


Infographic Due Date:  March 6th

Wednesday, Feb. 25th

Print this out -----> Beginning Concepts of Excel
Print this out -----> More Excel

Introduction to Microsoft Excel
Copy the student data files for Excel from the Pearson web site

MYITLAB Excel 1 Simulation Training due at end of class today

Introduction to the Stock Portfolio Contest - you must select 3 stocks to include in your stock portfolio.  These 3 selections MUST be made PRIOR to class on Wednesday, March 4th

  Friday, Feb. 27th


Wednesday, March 4th


Newspaper Articles Reports

Beginning information on stocks
Set up stock portfolio in class
Research stocks to include in your stock portfolio

Put your 5 stock names and ticker symbols in your stock portfolio.  Using the internet, find the selling price for today and complete the worksheet as of today.  We will do this together in class.  Before you leave the classroom, email me your stock portfolio.  Create a NEW email (do NOT reply to one of my old messages) and send to

  Friday, March 6th


Intro to Chap 5 concepts book

In-Class Lab:  College Expense Worksheet due at the end of class today

Excel Lab 1:  Orange Book pp. 273 through 293 due March 13th
Printouts:  Page 293, step 6 print out as directed.  Page 293, step 7 print formulas.  HINT:  to print the formulas press and hold CTRL and then press the tilde key (key above the TAB key on the left-hand side of the keyboard) Release both keys and your worksheet will show the formulas on the screen.  Print the worksheet showing the formulas ON ONE PAGE by going to page setup and clicking in the radio button (circle) to the left of "fit to one page".

Wednesday, March 11th

Intro to Chap 6 concepts book
Chap 6 Exam due March 27th

Excel Lab 2 Orange Book pp. 299-300:  print the formulas as well as the worksheet due March 25th
Excel Lab 3 Orange Book p. 301 due March 25th

Friday, March 13th



                     March 16th through March 22nd is Spring Break                     No Classes at CCRI this week
Wednesday, March 25th

Intro to chap 8 (parts of)

Intro to PowerPoint Orange Book
PowerPoint Lab 1 Orange book pp.584-605 due April 1st

PowerPoint Lab 2 My Best Vacation Ever due April 3rd

Integrating Word, PowerPoint and Excel
  Friday, March 27th
Intro to Chap 9 (parts of)

Interactive Resume Begin

Wednesday, April 1st

Integrating Word, Excel and PowerPoint lab due at end of class today

Update your interactive resume
  Friday, April 3rd

Introduction to Microsoft Access
Microsoft Excel Student Grades

Wednesday, April 8th

What Your Cell Phone Company Does NOT Want You to Know

Discuss "The Internet of Things" in class

Print this out----->Paint Instructions

Paint Lab 1: print flower, star and E, Snow People due April 17th
Paint Lab 2:  Your Own Creation due April 17th

  Friday, April 10th
Professional Day at CCRI
No Classes held at CCRI
Wednesday, April 15th
Introduction to Web Page Development
Intro to Web Site Creation  <----Print this out
  Friday, April 17th
Work on your Website

Wednesday, April 22nd

Work on your Website

  Friday, April 24th

Websites due today at the beginning of class

Wednesday, April 29th
Finish your interactive resume due today

Stock Portfolio Awards Given Out Today
  Friday, May 1st

Final Exam for those students who have to take it

Student Data Files Needed for Lab Assignments
To get the files you need for lab assignments in the orange book shown to the right....

COPY (SELECT) the link below
Open Firefox or Google Chrome
Paste the link into the address bar of the web browser
Then press enter

Once at the web site, do the following:
Select Word Chapter 1:  Create Letter and Memos
Copy the files onto your jump drive (if you do not know how, I will help)
Book for student data files

To get the files you need for your concepts book shown to the right....
Go to this web site ----->
  Visualizing Technology Complete, Second Edition
Creating a timeline -