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         Web Site Development Topics

 iNews - 

The FAQ page - http://www.donaldpaquet.com/faq.htm 

FrontPageWorld.com - http://frontpageworld.com/ 

How Things Work:  http://www.learnthenet.com/english/animate/connect.html 

Web newsletters Weekly at:

MSDN - http://msdn.microsoft.com/default.asp 

JavaScripts - http://www.javascripts.com/ 

HTML Goodies - http://www.htmlgoodies.com 

ZDNET - http://www.elementkjournals.com/ 
   http://www.zdnet.com  Breaking News

CNET - http://news.com.com/ 

Developer.com  http://www.developer.com/lang/ 

Earthweb -  http://www.earthweb.com/ 

WebMonkey - http://www.webmonkey.com/ 

Learn2.com Tutorial Library at:

Tech TV  general news service

    General Computer Topics - Weekly

Person@l Technology - Providence Sunday Journal - Section B
           Desktop Q & A
          Walt Mossberg's column http://www.projo.com/special/computer/ 

  TV - Computer Chronicles - Saturday 5 PM on PBS (channel 11 in RI)- http://www.cmptv.com/computerchronicles/ 

 Digital Duo - Saturday 5:30 PM on PBS (channel 11 in RI) - http://www.digitalduo.com/video.html 

 CNN.com/tech   for current technology news broadcast on CNN Saturdays 3:pm est

CNET  news.com CNBC Sunday 4 - 5 pm EST or at http://broadcast.yahoo.com/home.html   


Radio - Kim Kamando Show - Saturday radio WHJJ 920 am - 10 to 1 pm est. - http://www.komando.com/ 

The Computer Show
Sat 8-9 am  WHJJ 920am

920 WHJJ     9 pm Saturday


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