Course Policies

Community College of Rhode Island Students enrolled in Human Services courses are expected to understand, adhere to and abide by the following:


Promptness and reliable attendance are professional behaviors which our program demands. Lateness and leaving early will not be tolerated in Field Placement Site classroom and the Field Seminar class.

School Closings

Students are not required to make up placement hours when the child-care center or school is closed however students must fulfill the minimum completion of 78 placement hours.

Written Assignments
Presentation of Self

Students need to understand that assessments will be made on a regular basis using criteria other than grades attained on assignments. Because you are enrolled in a professional preparation course program your classroom experiences are intended to reflect standards and expectations typical of a professional workplace.

Proper Language
Food and Beverages
Cell Phones

The College Supervisor will determine the studentís mid-term and final grade for the course based on the criteria represented in the Field Placement I, II, and III grading rubric. These criteria include:


A is reserved for students who are excellent.

B is reserved for students who are very good, above average.

C is reserved for those students who are average.

F is reserved for those students who fail to meet minimum standards.

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