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Summer  2011

Office Hours*:












 4:00 – 6:00

by Appointment








4:00 – 6:00

by Appointment





*Other office hours may be available by appointment



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Beverly Pepe

Math Department



Contact Information:

Tel: 401-825-2467


Office:  Knight Campus Room #3087



Links to My Distance Learning Syllabi:

v                Elementary Algebra (Math 0600-601) Online Section

v                College Algebra (Math 1200-600) Online Section

v                Introductory College Mathematics (Math 1420) Online Section

v                Algebra for Technology (Math 1700) Online Section

v                Directions to Acquire a 21-Day Grace Period for My MyMathLab Courses and How to Upgrade to a Full Subscription MML Course Access


Links to My Lecture Syllabi:

v              Elementary Algebra (Math 0600) Lecture Section

v              College Algebra (Math 1200) Lecture Section

v              Math for Liberal Arts (Math 1430) not currently teaching this course

v              Pre-calculus (Math 1900)

v              Tech Math 2 (Math 1830)

v              Math Lab


Some Fun Explorations (if you are curious and have the time to learn more about mathematics):

v             MIT World – A series of taped lectures given at MIT over the last few years


v             Lectures on Financial Mathematics


v             Steve Skeina’s Lectures on Discrete Mathematics Taught at Stony Brook University



Other Helpful Links :

v              Addison-Wesley's MyMathLab

v              Blackboard-9

v              CCRI Bookstores

v              Faculty Web Sites

v              College Catalog

v              Check Available Courses

v              Library

v              MyCCRI Help



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