Teaching With Technology:  Conference 2002


Making My Website Work for My Students


Workshop: Creating Your WebSite
Offered By Computer Resource Department
Coming Spring 2002!


Karen Allen 
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Page Layout
  1. Provide an index or
    table of contents for
    easy navigation of the
    site, and on all sub pages. place the index in the
    same area on those pages.
  2. Identify a section of
    your page that needs to updated frequently and group changing content together in this area.
  3. Use a template that can be used for sub pages.

Additional Resources
OnLine Help

Creating Course WebPages


Ready to Use Template


HomePage: Content
  1. Identify the department and course.
  2. Identify the course sections, dates, meeting times, and room number
  3. Provide contact information with name, telephone number, email address, and office location
  4. Identify textbooks, and other materials needed for the course.
  5. A brief course description.
  6. Detailed list  of class policies.

Navigation and  L

  1. Provide links to the   homepage
  2. Provide a link to your email.
  3. Provide a consistent  and predictable  navigation scheme.
  4. Use graphics that are links to textbooks, school's homepage, making navigation intuitive.
  5. Provide links to other valuable student information within your institution.
  6. Use links to provide access to additional resources on the web.
Sub Page:Content

Linking  to the Semester Syllabus
from Your Homepage
  1. From within your syllabus, link to
    chapter and class notes.
  2. Link to homework and extra credit
  3. Provide solutions to homework
  4. Provide  a link PowerPoint presentations
    used for the class lecture.
  5. Use a calendar to outline exams  dates, homework due dates and holiday or
    vacation days.