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  Question: What is Information Systems?
r-Information Systems is a collection of hardware, software, data, people, and procedures that work together to produce quality information.
???  Can you list a few servers where it is free to publish a web using Frontpage?

answer-  supports FP extensions.
???  Where can I find sources for online books
at this web site

??? Did you make the Links page changes?
answer- yes and changes to the other pages also.
??? I just read the Online Course intro, and it says that I need FrontPage  for the Intro to Web Page Development class. Does this mean I will have to purchase that software or will it come with the manual(s)?
answer- You would have to purchase and install FrontPage  on the unit you plan to do the course work or you could use the computer lab at the Warwick campus.
??? I registered for the Intro to Web Page Development online (Internet) course four weeks ago, and still have not received any instructions (logon url, required text, software, etc.). Should I visit the campus to pick up this information or wait for some email message
answer- The information will be in e-mail next week
???  Will Intermediate Web Page Development ever be offered as an online Internet course?
Not by me in the near future but it is at ZDNET U (

??? Are there any free internet sites where I can publish a web page using FrontPage2000 without changing my ISP?
Yes, at,,,,,,,, or to list a few. supports FP extensions.
???  I had heard Intermediate Web Page Development was going to be offered as an internet course this fall (by Jim McMahon). Yet, when I looked in the fall catalog, it was only listed as a lecture course. Is there any chance it will be offered on-line this
answer-  Introduction Web Page is on the internet section 005. Intermediate Web Page on the internet  is now in the fall schedule.

??? I am having difficulty downloading your WEBINTRO.EXE.

answer- To download WEBINTRO.EXE double click it, click OK, in the SAVE AS box, point to the folder C:\WEBINTRODUCTION you created on your C: drive, Click SAVE, then using Windows Explorer display  the folder C:\WEBINTRODUCTION. Double click on the name WEBINTRO.EXE. Click ok, and in the Winzip box change the folder to C:\WEBINTRODUCTION and Click UNZIP.  The 10 files should be in the folder.

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