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Introduction -  Web  Techniques - WEB sites

Use CTL-D to add a URL to your favorites or bookmarks  resource page  3D browser  FP MVP site info  info links  Web Design Co


 tutorials tutorials  Techniques

 Statistics on Web Sites  click Global Stats

Go the following URL and pick FrontPage Tutorial, Web Site Design or Web site Development
 tutorials   asp .net development

Go to the following URL then click Tools and Techniques, then click FrontPage – then click by topic  browser detection 

Animated Images


Hit Counter Graphics, buttons, bullets, lines, animations


  Design Guidelines - Tune-up    Web safe color palette 

To Register a Domain Name (sign up with a host service first)  

Check if Domain Name is available. get redirect name and hits   

Who is domain name owner?    

Web Hosting 

Free Web Hosting Sites   large library of animation, disk space FP extensions etc  
FP extensions etc  list of free hosts

Fastest Web Searching   fastest searching

Getting Hits  getting hits

Development sites  - daily email with techniques
      sign up or register as a developer    web services cookies     Cookie Central  


Intermediate -  Web  Techniques - WEB sites

Frame Set Examples - URL's  

New England Country Club  


Advanced   Techniques - WEB sites

   Have you signed up with developer sites listed above?

Java Script code examples   teacher      Nic's Tutorials    Many menus   Great visual effects  Many scripts  Tool box  many scripts  Perl library  Doc JS  Java resources     JavaScript demos     Technique       CGI scripts     perl


DHTML Script     

HTML Tutorials  

 How To Articles


. Plug-Ins

Shockwave -
RealAudio -
StreamWorks -

  Scripting Tools

Menu technique at:  
  action menu
  letter menu  action menu   fly out menu    Icons 

Do a drop down list with links
  rollover buttons and drop list menu

Sample Jukeboxes

Other Web Advanced Links