Download Procedure

Click the blue word on the download page to start the process
Once the File Download dialog box appears, click on the "Save this program to disk" option and then click on the "OK" button (see picture below).

  1. This will bring up the "Save As" dialog box.  Choose an existing folder on your hard drive to save to or create a new folder.  

To create a new folder from this or any other "Save As" dialog box:

  • Click on the save in list box and choose an area on your hard drive to save the new folder (for example your C: drive ).
  • Click on the Create New Folder icon (see picture below).  This will create a folder called "New Folder" in the "Save In" area you have chosen.  Change the name of this new folder to Downloads (or any other name you like).

  • Click outside the new folder to deselect it  then double click on the folder to open it (make sure the new folder now appears in the "Save In" list box area see picture below).

  1. Click on the Save button.  This process will save the downloads.exe file to the directory you have chosen.
  2. Once the "Download complete" dialog box appears, click on the close button.
  3. Locate the downloads.exe file on your hard drive and double click on the file.  This will bring up the "WinZip Self-Extractor" dialog box.  Clink on the OK button.  This will bring up the dialog box pictured below:

  • The WinZip program will automatically choose the "TEMP" file on your C drive to send the unzipped files to.  If you would like to save these files to a folder, click on the "Browse" button and chose a folder then click on the "Unzip" button.  WinZip will let you know how many files were unzipped (see picture below).  Click on the "OK" button and enjoy! (print the readme.txt file located with the unzipped files for additional instructions.)

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