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XML 101 - An Overview of Extensible Markup Language

  The coding technique of the future. The XHTML variation called XML that standardizes the definitions of the data across platforms. 

  • What is the difference between XML, HTML and XHTML?
  • What are the XML Basics, Syntax and DTD�s ?
  • What is XML Schema about?
  • Where is the XML Namespaces and Advanced Schemas?
  • How do I do linking with XLink?
  • How do I use XML Graphics Basics and VML ?
  • How do I use XML Media Basics and SMIL ?

  Answer these questions and more as you do XML web site coding in the course:
XML Fundamentals COMI-1755  3 credits
     XML-1 Basics COMI-1756 - 1 credit
      XML-2 Schemas, Transformations, CSS - COMI-1757 - 1 credit 
      XML-3  CSS -DATA Sources - DOM -  COMI-1758 - 1 credit 














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