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Computers 101 - An Overview


Be at home on your computer. Answer the questions you have about computers while doing what  you always wanted to do with your home unit. Hands on activities used as a learning technique.

  • What is the difference between hardware and software?
  • What is that mouse thing?
  • What are all those keys for on the keyboard?
  • What is the Internet and that WWW?
  • Does Input and Processing really equal Output with Storage left over?
  • Can I do email and what is an Operating System?
  • What is Word, Excel and PowerPoint anyway?
  • How does a spreadsheet do all those calculations?

  Answer these questions and more as you do things on a computer that you never dreamed of doing while taking the  course:
      Introduction to Computers   COMI-1100
 days, nights, weekends or over the Internet.









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